Established in 2003, we are a leading South West based market research agency specialised in providing brilliant qualitative, quantitative and mystery shopping solutions, and strategic brand consultancy.


What do you want? A pile of thoughts, a stack of numbers? Wrong place.

We seek first to understand a problem, then solve it using a range of creative techniques through a lot of heavyweight experience.

So what makes us different? We don't make assumptions. We learn. Then we show you how to use what we've learned.

This is how a small independent research and planning agency works with some of the world's biggest businesses on some of the toughest problems imaginable and always manages to find the juice that makes the difference.


We believe that sometimes, oddly, researchers can forget that they are working with people, and can try and force a situation they're exploring into a conventional research technique.

Quite often these techniques are great, but there are many examples of the technique overshadowing the outcomes and the research either fails, lacks credibility or decisive edge.

We’re always looking for new ways to get the most information out of a research environment without distorting it, and we're very proud of what comes out of them.


Our philosophy is that great insight is seldom complex, in fact it’s our job to distill information and make it simple, believable and easy to work with. If an insight is too complicated, it probably will not work. A great man once said that if you cant explain something simply, you probably don't understand it yourself.

Making a really big thought simple is where the hard yards are – not just telling you what we've found, but giving you the back-up that you understand, believe in and will run through walls with. We know that big thoughts that are delivered this way will live for many years outside the room they were presented in and make a difference, not gather dust.


We're quite often asked where the name came from.

In the constant pursuit of the new, we think you need to understand the past. We will often augment the new with anything (relevant) we can get our hands on (previous research, published data, sales data, desk research etc.)

This will stretch us, help us test and translate thoughts, and ultimately make the outputs more powerful. On their own, many of these pieces of information may be hugely valuable, but stitched together in the right way are worth more than the sum of their parts.

Rather like a ragdoll.

We Are Ragdoll