Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research

Some examples

Read more about the qualitative market research methods we like to use. Any questions, drop us a line.

Longitudinal Online Panels

Why might you do it?

1. How can I quickly get to know an audience and their habits in great depth and detail?

2. How do existing, potential or competitor customers of my brand behave in real life?

3. What do I use if I think focus groups are largely flawed?

Immersion / Safari Sessions

Why might you do it?

1. I want to get to know my customers in their natural environment.

2. I want to see first-hand customers engaging with my Brand.

3. I want to get our employees out the office and into our customers world.

Focus Groups

Why might you do it?

1. I need to get a product in customers hands to understand what they think.

2. I have some creative ideas that I need feedback on.

3. I want some structured debate on our products.

Accompanied Shops

Why might you do it?

1. How do customers react to my products, at the point of purchase?

2. How does my product stand out when on shelf?

3. What are customers really thinking compared to the competition?

UX & CX Testing

Why might you do it?

1. What do real users think about our customer journey?

2. Where and why are we losing people?

3. I have a wire frame. Can users tell us what they think?

Quantitative Research Methods

Want to see the big picture? Or do you need to validate thinking before the business invests time and effort? Quantitative research allows us to take a step back and see what the world thinks. Take a look at some of the ways we approach this kind of work.

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