Critical Path Analysis

Critical Path Analysis

Why might you do it?

1. Why are more people not buying my product or service?

2. Where are the gaps in my customer journey?

3. What do I need to do to get more customers?

A common question we get from brand controllers, is why are more people not buying my product?

The answer to this question can lie at any point in the critical path between awareness and purchase; and as these decisions are taken so fast, working out where we get lost can be hard to do.

We have developed a technique called Critical Path Analysis, which effectively takes a quantifiable sample of potential customers, and sets them on a journey where they should come across your and your competitors offerings.

We let people follow their natural journey, and use various techniques to check in at certain junctions to understand the decisions they have made.

Once we have put all of this back together, the gaps in the journey become obvious and we are able to help you to re-map your process to both optimise gain and minimise loss.

critical path quantitative research

Qualitative Research Methods

Want to dig a bit deeper? Often the best way to understand something is to just ask why. This simple thought process can lead to fascinating and rich insights. Take a look at some of the ways we approach this kind of work.

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