Customer Satisfaction - CSAT

Why might you do it?

1. How well do we treat customers?

2. How likely are those customers to either use us again or refer us?

3. How do we increase the likelihood for customers to use us again and refer us?

Conventional customer satisfaction is typically a very blunt tool; and revolves around how happy someone is regarding various aspects of their service offering. 

It tends to miss three very important elements:

Firstly, it will assume that all service factors drive overall satisfaction equally, which is almost never the case. Get 9 right and one wrong you are playing roulette with service delivery. 

Secondly, scores are not contextualised against expectations. A high-ish score seems about right. This is dangerous ground and will not tell us which elements we need to change most urgently, and which we are potentially over focused on. 

Finally, it gives the people who need to use it at the coal face little idea of what good and service actually looks like in certain situations. 

Being asked to be a bit better at certain things far less useful than being asked to make sure a clearly defined service standard is being met. 

If you want to find out how well you’re doing, go conventional. 

If you want find out how to put it right and get people delivering that, then give us a call. 

Qualitative Research Methods

Want to dig a bit deeper? Often the best way to understand something is to just ask why. This simple thought process can lead to fascinating and rich insights. Take a look at some of the ways we approach this kind of work.

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